Doing business internationally means dealing with people whose values, customs and native languages are different from your own. Misunderstandings, frustration and even conflicts are very common. International coaching is about preparing and motivating people to perform better across cultures.

Keup training & coaching offers cross-cultural business coaching

with a systemic approach. Our service in English

  • addresses companies and their impatriates, i.e. English speaking executives and specialists from abroad
  • helps companies from abroad prepare their expatriates for an assignment in Germany
  • offers counselling for leaders and members of international teams with English as common language.

Depending on the individual goals we cover leadership, career, teamwork and intercultural communication issues.

Typical topics

  • Work and live in Germany: Identify culture specific values and beliefs, manage relationships and everyday life
  • How to do business with Germans: Attitudes and business practices
  • Leading international teams: Intercultural communication and rapport building
  • Pitfalls for (native) speakers of English as a lingua franca


  • Reduce the risk of costly conflicts by effectively managing cultural contexts
  • Better cultural understanding improves performance and success of assignment
  • Commitment to cultural diversity is valued as an important asset

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As an additional service we offer online-coaching. That way we are in a position to give immediate support to expats abroad when struggling with cultural differences in their assigned country.

Apart from cross-cultural topics we also tackle the ever important issue of resilience, i.e., strengthening skills to deal with tough situations and remain flexible in thoughts, behaviour and emotions under stress.

Should you feel that misunderstandings do not originate from poor cross-cultural skills but the way you express yourself in German when working in a German environment, you might need additional language training, including useful phrases, e.g. for meetings or discussions. Have a look at!

Language skills

English, German, Portuguese

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